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Figure 1. Curves a-a’ and b-b’ show observed anomalous absorption values for mean temperatures of 281° and 290°K respectively, reduced to a water vapour density of 4.8 g m-3. The estimated error is ±0.02 dB km-1. Curves A-A’ and B-B’ are the corresponding temperature dependence values expressed as the exponent B in equation (1), with a maximum estimated error ±0.04 eV per molecule (at 12.6 μm wavelength). Curve l-l’ shows laboratory values from Ref.3 scaled to 290°K and density 4.8 g m-3, and L-L’ is the corresponding laboratory temperature dependence. Curve m-m’ shows a monomer model spectrum from the data in Table 1, for 290°K and density 4.8 g m-3. The values given by P and Q are taken from Ref.1, and apply to the temperature range 258° to 299°K.

[1]. Coffey, M.T., Quat. Jour. Res. Met. Soc, 103, 685-692 (177)
[3] Burch D.E., Proc. Am. Met. Soc, Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, Fort Collins, Colorado, 7-9 August (1972).

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