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Figure 2. Our results of field measurements as compared with field investigation (30) and the theory (r =8.5 g.m-3, T=8.5°C, P= 727 Torr). Our total absorption (A) and excess one (B) are shown by circles. All the data are shown as in Figure 1. (A) and excess one (B) are shown by circles. Theoretical values for water vapor monomers (chain-dot curve),excess absorption spectrum (30) (solid curve) and theoretical dimer absorption (7) (dotted curve) are shown as well.

[7]. A.A. Viktorova, S.A. Zhevakin, Поглощение микрорадиоволн димерами водяного пара атмосферы, DAN USSR, v.194, 540 (1970).
[30]. R.J. Emery, P. Moffat, R.A. Bohlander, H.A. Gebbie, Measurements of anomalous atmospheric absorption in the wavenumber range 4-15 per cm, J. Atm. Terr. Phys. v.7,587 (1975).

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