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Figure 1. Н2О+N2 absorption coefficient in the 8–20 μm region. The full circles are the measured data from [7], the open circles are the calculated data from [19], and the curve is the calculation from [16]; Θ=296° (a)and 430°K (b).

[7] Burch DE, Alt RL. Continuum absorption by H2O in the 700–1200 cm-1 and 2400–2800 cm-1 windows. Scientific report no. 1. AFGL-TR-84-0128; 1984.
[16] Ma Q, Tipping RH. The density matrix of H2O+N2 in the coordinate representation: a Monte Carlo calculation of the far-wing line shape. J Chem Phys 2000;112:574–84.
[19] Rodimova OB. Theoretical researches of the absorption and photo-chemistry processes and their application in radiation codes of theclimate models [Thesis]. Dokt Phys-Math Sci Tomsk; 2003.

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