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Figure 6. Comparison of observed and calculated transmittances in the 18-36 cm-1 region for representative samples of H2O and H2O+N2. The observed values are represented by data points.  Calculated values of Tonic (v) with the instrumental response  function taken into account are represented by the solid lines, and calculated true transmittance T'(v) by the short-dashed lines, D and F. The long-dashed curves, A, E, and H represent TnIc (v)  with the following modifications to the parameters: Panel I,  Curve A, the contribution by the continuum was not included. Panel II, Curve E, the absorption coefficient was increased by 10% at all wavenumbers. Panel IV, Curve H, the self-broadening factor  Be for the continuum was assumed to be 5 instead of 13. The sample parameters are

Sample u p P
No. ( g/cm2) (atm) (atm)
1 0.105 0.0117 0.95
2 0.205 0.0116 0.95
3 0.200 0.0075 0.133
4 0.587 0.0226 0.0226

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