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Figure 7. Total equilibrium constant (Kb+q), derived in this work. The data from Tretyakov et al. [44] , Ruscic [43] and Leforestier [42] are also shown for comparison. Thick grey line shows the ratio (right axis) of the total equilibrium constant derived from fitting in this work to that derived in [44] from SVC.

[42] Leforestier C. Water dimer equilibrium constant calculation: a quantum formulation including metastable states. J Chem Phys 2014;140:074106.
[43] Ruscic B. Active thermochemical tables: water and water dimer. J Phys Chem A 2013;117(46):11940-53.
[44] Tretyakov M.Yu., Serov E.A., Odintsova T.A. Equilibrium thermodynamic state of water vapour and the collisional interaction of molecules. Radiophys Quant Electron 2012;54(10):700-16

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