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Figure 2. Example of pure water vapour continuum cross-section spectra within the 1600 and 3600 cm–1 bands, retrieved from high-resolution Fourier-transform spectra at below room temperatures [25] (solid circles) and at room and higher temperatures [24] (empty circles). Uncertainty in the retrieved continuum is shown for 288.5°К (15.35°C). The MT_CKD-3.2 self-continuum model [28] is also shown for comparison.

[24] Paynter D.J., Ptashnik I.V., Shine K.P., Smith K.M., McPheat R., Williams R.G. Laboratory measurements of the water vapor continuum in the 1200–80 00 cm–1 region between 293°K and 351K. J Geophys Res 2009;114:D21301
[25] Ptashnik I.V., Klimeshina T.E., Petrova T.M., Solodov A.A., Solodov A.M. Water vapor continuum absorption in the 2.7 and 6.25 μm bands at decreased temperatures. Atmos Oceanic Opt 2016;29(3):211–15.
[28] Mlawer E., Payne V., Moncet J.L., Delamere M., Alvarado M., Tobin D. Development and evaluation of the MT_CKD model of continuum absorption. Philos Trans Royal Soc A 2012;370:2520–56.

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