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Figure 1. Absorption coefficients α(ω) of CH4-CH4 fitted (solid lines) at different temperatures. Dots: experimental data at temperatures from 140° and 295°K from (20); and at 126°K from (22). J-dependent multipole moments according to Eqs. (9) and (10) are assumed (Table III). For all temperatures above 126°K the displayed spectra are shifted up by one decade; the maximum of the absorption coefficient at each temperature is near 10-5 cm-1 amagat-2 at all temperatures. As an example, the contributions due to the octopole (dashed line) and hexadecapole (dotted tine) induction are shown for one temperature.
20. P. Codastefano, P. Dore, and L. Nencini, J . Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 35, 255-263 (1986).
22. I. R. Dagg, A. Anderson, S. Yan, W. Smith, C. G. Joslin, and L. A. A. Read, Canad. J. Phys.1986, in press.

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