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Figure 1. Absorption coefficients α(ω) of CH4-CH4 fitted at different temperatures. Dots: experimental data at temperatures from 140° and 295°K from (20); and at 126°K from (22). J-dependent multipole moments according to Eqs. (9) and (10) are assumed (Table III). For all temperatures above 126°K the displayed spectra are shifted up by one decade; the maximum of the absorption coefficient at each temperature is near 10-5 cm-1 amagat-2 at all temperatures. As an example, the contributions due to the octopole  and hexadecapole induction are shown for one temperature.

20. P. Codastefano, P. Dore, and L. Nencini, J . Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 35, 255-263 (1986).
22. I. R. Dagg, A. Anderson, S. Yan, W. Smith, C. G. Joslin, and L. A. A. Read, Canad. J. Phys.1986, in press.

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