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Figure 7. The spectra of water vapour in 5300 cm-1 (a), and 3700 cm-1 (b) absorption bands, obtained in the experiments of Poberovsky [73, 74] for the cases (1): H2O + N2, and (2): pure H2O (see text); the difference spectrum (2)-(1), attributed by Poberovsky to water clusters; the difference spectrum of Poberovsky, modified in this work; WD according to the model [52]. (a) Experiment [73]: T=530°K, spectral resolution FWHM=15 cm-1, L=4.83 cm (1) and 0.49 cm (2); WD simulation: line strengths and positions from [52], HWHM=28 cm-1 [54], Keq(530°K)=0.0023 atm-1 (Curtiss et al. [59] extrapolation). (b): Experiment [74]: T=503°K, spectral resolution FWHM=10 cm-1; L=0.88 cm (1) and 0.08 cm (2); WD simulation: HWHM=25 cm-1, Keq(503 K)=0.0032 atm-1.

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