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Figure 1. Results of our laboratory measurements in comparison with laboratory investigations of (30) and theoretical data (ρ=19 g.m-3, T=25.5oC, P =730 Torr). Our total absorption (A) and excess one (B) are shown by circles. Theoretical values for water vapor monomers (chain-dot curve), excess absorption spectrum (30) (solid curve) and theoretical dimer absorption (7) (dotted curve) are shown as well.

[7]. A.A.Viktorova, S.A.Zhevakin,DAN USSR, v.194, 540 (1970).
[30].  R.J. Emery, P .Moffat, R.A. Bohlander, H. A. Gebbie, J. Atm.Terr.Phys. v.7,587 (1975).

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