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Figure 1. Depletion spectra of the N2-H2O complexes in the range of the ν3 band of H2O in He droplets. Pickup pressures: panel (a) PH2O ) 3*10-6 mbar, PN2 = 0; panel (b) PH2O=3  10-6 mbar, PN2 = 9*10-6 mbar. Panel (c) shows spectrum (b) with the contribution of spectrum (a) subtracted. This has been scaled to eliminate H2O linesfrom the spectrum. Smooth curves are Gaussian fits as described in the text. The origin of the ν3 band of H2O in He droplets is marked by the vertical dashed line. Pickup pressure dependences of the intensity of the peaks marked in panel (b) by arrows are shown in Figure 2.

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