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Figure 1. Density normalized absorption coefficients α(ω)/n1n2 of He+CH4 at three temperatures. Dots: Experimental data at 150°, 293°, and 353°K by Afanas’ev et al. (7). Solid line: Calculated spectra determined by fitting the range and amplitude of only the isotropic (A = 0) overlap contribution to the dipole induction. For all the temperatures above 150°K the displayed spectra are shitkl up by one decade; the maximum of the absorption coefficient at each temperature is near 10-6 cm-1/amagat2.

7. A. D. Afana'sev, M. 0. Bulanin, and M. V. Tonkov, Sov. Technol. Phys. Lett. 6, 1444-1446 (1980). [in Russian]

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